Our Charities for 2022



delivering support to people at times when they most need it, we are here for everyone in the community



DIY opportunities as well as time and space for social interaction...

The Hope Centre

All of what we do at Hope has a common theme of connecting the community. That’s not just connecting with us; we are a place where people can meet with others, develop new friendships and share things with others that are in similar situations and positions.  We know from what we are told that this gives great comfort and strength and helps because people don’t feel alone.  This applies not only to those who are finding things a challenge but provides support with the everyday challenges that people face.  This develops a sense of resilience and feeling that creates a positive approach when times are hard.


The overall aim is that everyone is welcome and included. We treat people equally and with respect and offer a safe and discreet place where people can come without a label or any stigma.

The Centre has some old desktop computers that are used by the public to apply for jobs, access the internet and make online applications and requests for support, e.g. with domestic abuse, online applications, ICT SOS group and other reasons. The IT equipment is old and doesn’t work and so we are currently using our own laptops which is not ideal for many reasons (access and availability being one of the main reasons).  The cost of replacing the entire suite of IT equipment would amount to over £20k and so we are approaching several organisations to help us do this in a smaller way.  The funding from Richards Castle Soap Box will help us gradually increase these resources - it will be wonderful and enable us to reinstate digital access for the community and those who most need it.


For more information see https://hopefamilycentre.org/hope-community-hub/


Ludlow Men's Shed

Building upon its success in supporting the community throughout the Covid pandemic Hands Together Ludlow's project “Ludlow Men’s Shed’ is going (and growing) from strength to strength.


Men Sheds host activities including woodwork, DIY and general making – used by groups of men together as part of social activity. It’s a fact that men generally find it more difficult to build social connections than women and sometimes find it difficult to discuss personal or health issues so the Men’s Shed offers DIY opportunities as well as time and space for social interaction.



For more information see https://handstogetherludlow.org.uk/clubs/ludlow-mens-shed

or call the Helpline - 01584 817 250