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  Fund Raising 2014  

Richards Castle Soap Box Derby was started in 2004 by Humprey Salwey and has raised
over £50,000 for mainly local charities. For 2015 we will be focused on the following:

  Ewe and You   ewe & you logo  

Ewe & You are a care farm charity based at Nash. They run courses and offer farm and country holidays to vulnerable children or those who have experienced bullying or lost self esteem. In many cases it is the first time the children have spent time in the countryside or outside of a town. The main emphasis is on working with primary school children in school holiday times but the work has now expanded into term time and into offering day courses for secondary age children as well.

In addition to this, from January Ewe and You will be offering some time to ex-service personnel and their families (either those invalided out or those leaving for other reasons) to help both them and their families adjust to life outside the forces.

Ewe and You also aim to help their young volunteers find real value in doing something a bit different.  The situations of the children who visit are a real eye opener for many volunteers who come from relatively comfortable homes and this inspires many to rethink how they spend some of their spare time.  Often the effect of the week is as dramatic for the youngsters helping out as it is for the children themselves.

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  South Shropshire Home Start home start logo  

Home Start supports families with children under the age of five by matching families with well trained and skilled volunteers who visit weekly. Home Start works within a prevention agenda, and often works with families that come into the following categories:

  • Post natal depression & all mental ill health
  • Twins/ multiple births or multiple children under 5
  • Deprivation
  • Isolation due to moving, domestic abuse etc.

Last year Home Start supported 96 families locally in and around Ludlow.

In January South Shropshire Home Start are hoping to start working with pregnant women using Ludlow Midwife led unit at Ludlow Hospital. This work will ensure that very vulnerable women and teenagers have support from a volunteer who will be with them through their pregnancy and beyond. This is a direct response to feedback from parents locally who feel they see a different midwife every visit, do not build a trusted relationship, and feel unsupported with breast feeding. Surprisingly in Shropshire there is one of the highest rates of bottle fed babies after 6 weeks, so support with breastfeeding will be offered if it is needed.

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  Hope Support   hope support logo  

Hope Support is a charity based in Ross on Wye and which operates throughout Herefordshire and Gloucester. Hope supports young people aged 11 years or more, when a close family member is diagnosed with cancer or another life threatening illness. Support is available right from the moment of diagnosis and for however long it is needed. This support can be online, one on one, in groups, through activities, youth sessions or Monthly Hope on Road sessions.

Hope Support is unique because it is a charity driven by a Y - team - a group of young people who all have personal experience of a family health crisis and want to help others going through a similar thing. Each of the Y-teams has their own bank account and runs their own fundraising events to pay for local support services. Hope is currently active in the Leominster area and money raised locally is often ring fenced for particular areas and groups.

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