Below are the links to download the 2018 Entry Forms and updated Rules & Regulations:

ADULT Entry Form

JUNIOR Entry Form

Rules & Regulations

1)   Read the Rules and Regulations and make sure your cart is up to the pace!
2)   Complete the entry form (Adult /Junior)
3)  Either:- Write a cheque for £30 per entry made payable to “Richards Castle Soap Box Derby” and send the completed form(s) and cheque to:
Arabella Salwey, The Lodge, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 4DU
5)    Or  Email this form to  and send £30.00 (plus any monies for bbq) by BACs transfer to Lloyds Bank 30-95-27 Account no 00880352 Richards Castle Soap Box
The closing date is 21st June 2018
You will receive confirmation of your entry via email






Soap box racing is a fun sport involving a cart being raced down a marked track. The Richards Castle Soap Box Derby challenges teams to build and race carts in aid of charitable causes - carts of all shapes and sizes have raced over the years - both designed for speed and novelty!

As well as the thrill of racing we also encourage teams to raise as much additional money as possible, in donations, sponsorship or collections for the designated charities.

 Up to six persons per team can enter, however only two of the maximum six team members are permitted to be drivers for the race. There will be one practice run per driver. The purpose of this run is to enable the drivers to get the feel of the course and their soap box.

Soap boxes and drivers will be scrutinised in the pits, and prior to each run and at any other time, before being allowed to participate.

The start will be from a raised ramp, by gravity. The racing is against live timing

The Course

The course is 550m long with a descent of 50m. It should be noted that this is not indicative of the gradient of parts of the course. In places it is much steeper and participants can expect to reach 30-40mph. Soap boxes will be given the opportunity of at least three runs and will set off singly at intervals, electronically timed. If you have not attended one of our events before we strongly recommend that you view footage of the course, this will give you a good idea of the track, conditions, competitors, and some pointers as to what works and what doesn’t!




Rules & Regulations

Click on the link below to download the 2018 Rules & Regulations. These Rules and Regulations apply to all entries. They have been designed for your safety and the safety of others around you, based on best practice, common sense and the experience of previous years. They enable us to run the event effectively for the maximum benefit of all – please ensure you read them carefully and comply with the details. Please note: All soapboxes will be scrutineered to show that they conform to our regulations. This is not a guarantee of safety.

Please read regulations carefully and take particular note of some of the common faults we find when inspecting soapboxes on the day.

    1) Roll bar, front and rear
    2) Brakes
    3) Steering
    4) Dimensions

Please note the committee modified the Soap Box measurements in 2017, bringing us inline with other Soap Box events. The Maximum width of a Soap Box will now be 1500 mm and the length will be a maximum of 2500 mm.






   Richards Castle

                                     SY8 4ET


    SUNDAY 8th JULY 2018

    10am - 4pm


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